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Quality exotic pet care shouldn't be hard to come by. Bird Girl Pet Services is Nassau County's compassionate pet care provider for dogs, cats, small mammals, and birds. Learn more about us below.

As an avid animal lover my entire life, particularly with birds, I've worked around them my entire career - with exotic veterinarians as well as being a bird boarding and grooming business owner. There was really no one else safe in the area who provided such a specialty service - a service that, as a fellow bird owner, I knew was really needed. From the experience and mentorship I gained in the industry, I started Bird Girl Pet Services and never looked back.

We have now expanded to offering care for dogs, cats, and other small mammals, including guinea pigs, rabbits, and chinchillas. 

We strive every day to provide peace and reassurance for bird and exotic animal owners in knowing that there is someone out there who specializes in caring for their pet's species.

I currently have four birds of my own: Tiki (White Bellied Caique), Buddy (Cockatiel), Marley (Green Cheek Conure) & Reuben (Eclectus).

Our home is filled of birdsong - from our birds to the birds of our clients, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

- Kaitlin

"Kaitlin is wonderful, she has a great knowledge of exotic pets and truly cares about her customers. It’s so reassuring to know my bunnies are in great hands when I have to board them. I highly recommend Bird Girl Pet Services, she’s been a lifesaver on multiple occasions!"

- Karina S.


Pet The Bunny

Compassionate care at the ready.

Bird Girl Pet Services is compassion and certified at pet sitting and bird care

We're not just passionate about animals. We're experts in our craft - dedicated, certified, and always furthering our training.

grooming for birds and small mammals like chinchillas and hamsters and bunnies in Hicksville, New York

Finally you can book a bird or small mammal grooming reservation, so your pet can get a trim without the hassle or stress.

Nassau County exotic bird care and small mammal | Bird Girl Pet Services

Our specialty allows us to cater our services to those who need us most - Nassau County pet owners looking for the very best!

Dog walking and pet sitting in Hicksville, New York

Whether you have an energetic puppy or a shy guinea pig, we're here to tailor to the needs of each, unique pet in our care.

pet sitting in Hicksville, New York for dogs and cats in their own homes

Pet sitting for dogs and cats in the comfort of their own home - less stress, more security, and all the loving care while you're away. 

Certifications & Education

In addition to the below certifications and education, Kaitlin has also participated in an eight-week course in applied behavior analysis for animal professionals with Dr. Susan Friedman at Utah State University as well as a weeklong workshop under the guidance of Steve Martin and Dr. Susan Friedman on specific principles and training technology (which included hands-on practice with macaws and corvids).

NEI - Natural Encounters, Inc. Contemporary Animal Training and Management at Natural Encounters, Inc | Bird Girl Pet Services

Contemporary Animal Training & Management at Natural Encounters, Inc.

Member of Pet Sitters International

Bird Girl Pet Services is CPR & First-Aid Trainde by PetTech | Hicksville, New York Nassau County

CPR and First-Aid Trained by PetTech

Certified Professional Pet Sitter by Pet Sitters International

Insured by the Business Insurers of The Carolinas

Living and Learning with Animals Certificate of Excellent at Behavior Works | Bird Girl Pet Services

Living & Learning with Animals by Behavior Works


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